Ez Dicom Archive

Ez Dicom Archive provides you with a secure storage for your data and images.

Ez Dicom Archive is a solution that helps ensure the secure storage of your DICOM data and images, and can easily be incorporated into your existing DICOM workflow. Its web portal allows for the sharing of images and clinical reports within your organization or remotely.

Our solution will integrate perfectly into your institution.


– Fast and secure archiving, multi-criteria search
– Archiving of raw images and reformatted images with annotations – Communication with DICOM entities from several modalities
– Possibility to communicate with the HIS/RIS
– Integrated Web viewer 
– Complete set of measurements & annotations / advanced comparative mode & MPR (Multiple Planar Reconstruction)
– Ergonomic, user-friendly interface
– Creation of clinical reports with key images


– Fully DICOM 3.0 Compliant & provides the following DICOM services:            
– Verify SCU/SCP            
– Store SCU/SCP            
– Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP (C-GET/C-MOVE/C-FIND)            
– Storage commitment SCP          
– IHE compliant

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