DICOM Solutions

Ez Dicom Product Range

Through the years, MPTronic has developed a variety of DICOM solutions for the storage, distribution, importation, printing, viewing, and editing of medical images. Our comprehensive DICOM solutions enable healthcare professionals to optimize the management of patient data, improving the overall quality of care and patient outcomes.

Import and Convert

Ez Dicom Converter

Ez Dicom Converter lets you scan documents, digitize films (VIDAR), import JPEGs/ BMP, and capture analog video frames, convert them to DICOM and send them to any PACS. _ _

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Ez Dicom Media Importer

Ez Dicom Media Importer allows you to easily import to your PACS external DICOM studies from disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB flash, network folder or shelf archive). _ _

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Ez Dicom Print2PACS

EZ Dicom Print2PACS lets you send any document or image from a Windows PC to your PACS. It eliminates paper and improves workflow by providing expanded access to important clinical information via PACS.

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Archive, Burn, Share and Print

Ez Dicom Archive

Ez Dicom Archive is our latest DICOM storage solution (PACS). Fully Web based, Ez Dicom Archive integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow allowing a secure archiving and distribution of images and reports throughout the whole institution.

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Ez Dicom Burning Station

Ez Dicom Burning Station is our DICOM CD/DVD Burning solution. Fully Web based, and highly configurable, it allows you to burn DICOM CD/DVD from anywhere in the institution. _

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Ez Dicom Web Remote Access

Ez Dicom Web Remote Access virtually eliminates access boundaries by delivering anywhere/anytime access to your DICOM images. Ez Dicom Web Remote Access is easy to implement and provides secure/affordable access to studies and reports from the internet.

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Ez Dicom Printer

Ez Dicom Printer is our solution to convert DICOM printing to Windows printing. Ez Dicom Printer is a cost-effective way for your institution to provide reference hard copies of studies to your patients and referring physicians.

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Ez Dicom Quality Control

Ez Dicom QC is a tool for PACS administrators that ensures the consistency in patient and study information by allowing administrators to automatically match this information from the worklist or PACS, as well as manually correcting any errors that may occur.

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Workflow Solutions

Ez DicomWorklist Router

Ez Dicom Worklist Router is a solution that routes DICOM C-FIND Worklist messages. It is connected to a set of Worklist servers, allowing modalities to obtain a specific worklist based on the selected routing (Worklist Server) without having to reconfigure the Worklist server at the modality level.

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